Prosper. Unlocking Postdoc Career Potential

About Prosper

A partnership between the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester and Lancaster University, Prosper is a new approach to career development that unlocks postdocs’ potential to thrive in multiple career pathways.

Prosper’s ultimate goal is to open up the huge talent pool that exists within the postdoctoral research community, to the benefit of postdocs themselves, Principal Investigators, employers and the wider UK economy. This is of particular relevance now more than ever - unlocking postdocs’ expertise and experience can be a vital part of how the UK moves successfully into a post-Covid 19 world.

Built around 3 pillars of co-creation, democratisation of access and recognising the role of PIs in postdoc development, Prosper is funded by the UKRI RED fund. It will be ultimately opened up to universities across the UK in 2023.

Our approach to building Prosper is all about iterative development. Each phase includes opportunities for stakeholder feedback, with each subsequent iterations of the project and its resources based on insights from previous phases.

Visit the Prosper webpages here for more information.

Prosper at University of Manchester

2021 sees the launch of Prosper at University of Manchester, with multiple opportunities for research staff to engage.

For postdocs

The Prosper portal

The Prosper portal hosts a suite of resources for both postdocs and PIs. First launched at the University of Liverpool in June 2020, the current iteration is the product of ongoing feedback and co-creation with postdocs, PIs and Prosper’s employer partners.

On the portal, postdocs can find tools to explore their skills, attributes and interests, information on how to translate these to multiple career pathways, plus former postdoc case studies and employer insights.

Postdoc career development pilot

In September 2021, a cohort of postdocs from across Prosper’s 3 partner institutions will join our career development pilot. This is a unique opportunity for postdocs to co-create Prosper with us through a programme of intensive career development and benefit from:

  • direct access to our 40+ employer partners and an understanding of what they look for in future employees
  • Work with a dedicated career coach to explore your skills, aspirations, values and personal attributes
  • Explore several career areas in-depth and develop a living CV and LinkedIn profile

Applications will be open between Wednesday, 1 and Friday 17 September, with details of how to apply coming in mid-August.

For Principal Investigators

The Prosper portal also contains resources dedicated to PIs and managers of researchers include PI case studies, guidance on having effective career conversations with postdocs, plus information from previous Prosper PI networks.

The Prosper PI network is an opportunity to champion and drive change in postdoc career development. Benefits of attending meetings include:

  • Influence, pilot and shape the development of a set of resources to be developed by Prosper to support you as a PI in the career development of your postdocs.

  • Share knowledge and learn from colleagues across disciplinary boundaries, across both Lancaster University and the 2 other Prosper partner institutions, the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester.

  • Share experiences and build relationships with employer partners.

The network launched at Manchester in April 2021.

For more information on all aspects of Prosper, visit our webpages, get in touch with the Prosper team at The University of Manchester – and follow our progress on Twitter -

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