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BBSRC Innovation Placements and Innovation Fellowship Fund

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) have awarded the University £120,000 to deliver the BBSRC Flexible Talent Mobility Account (FTMA2).

The fund aims to support the mobility of early career researchers and industrialist researchers to new environments, including both between sectors and between countries. Successful proposals will bring together talented people with different skills to foster partnerships to translate research outcomes in economic outputs.

Funding of up to £30,000 will be provided to support the exchange of people, skills and knowledge from the University to industry partners, and vice versa in subject areas that align with BBSRC research themes, including:

  • Agriculture & food security
  • Bioscience for Health
  • Industrial biotechnology & bioenergy
  • New ways of working
  • Frontier bioscience
  • International activities

The BBSRC FTMA2 scheme has two strands:

Innovation Placements for postgraduate researchers who have just submitted their thesis, or will have submitted by the time the placement takes place, and want to undertake a placement in industry for up to 6 months.

Innovation Fellowships to support inwards and outwards secondments of postdoctoral early career researchers to industry and of early career industrialists to the University for up to 6 months. Secondments may be carried out on a part-time or full-time basis, to maximise exposure to diļ¬€erent research environments and technologies and to facilitate new interactions or support established collaborations.

Projects will:

  • Develop and showcase academic talent to identify opportunities for career development and recruitment into industry and vice versa;
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas between academic and industry partners;
  • Encourage the translation of our bioscience research base;
  • Support the creation of new products, processes or services;
  • Provide access to external expertise to enrich existing research programmes;
  • Consolidate and extend existing relationships.

Get involved

The call for proposals is now open. Individual awards will be made on a first come first served basis.

If you have a project that you think may be suitable, please see the Guidance notes for applicants for more information.

For advice and guidance prior to submitting your application you are advised to contact

Researcher Development team

Sackville Street Building, C4, Tel. 0161 306 4188

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Stefanie Edler-Wollstein

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